MoDMaN ink

MoDMaN bio and artist statement


MoDMaN is a product of the DC suburbs. The redheaded middle-child of a Methodist minister, coming up among pentagon brats and the sons and daughters of congressmen propelled him to confront cynicism with wit and a punk rock ethos.

Iconography and pop-culture narratives are pervasive in his art.  Using cleverness to disarm subjects that are uncomfortable, unseen, or indifferent: the death of a homeless person lost in the vibrancy and lush abundance of an affluent beach town, the cartoonish spirits that inhabit Yosemite Valley, or portraits that reveal the path of one’s life experience.

His work is created using traditional mediums such as paints, chalks, and pencil, in combination with original or found-imagery collage. They have been shown in national museums, private galleries, and renegade shows in LA, DC, Dallas, and Park City, UT. He currently resides in Culver City, California.